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Palma Aquarium foundation

In May 2021, Blond Model Management went to Mallorca with a group of our models to promote a meaningful campaign for the Palma Aquarium Foundation. It is not a commercial campaign but a community contribution since Blond Model Management wants to raise awareness and call for the Palma Aquarium Foundation support.

The Palma Aquarium Foundation’s mission is to rescue and save the marine fauna. For example, they help marine animals that have been injured (mainly due to the amount of plastic in the ocean). The organization takes care of the animals and releases them after recovery, but the foundation mainly lives on volunteers and (tourists) donations. Due to the prolonged pandemic, Palma Foundation has lost its annual income. They are not allowed to advertise commercially for additional income not to lose the Spanish subsidy for non-profit organizations in danger of closing their doors. Thus, Model agency Blond Model Management went to Mallorca with a group of models to visit the foundation. A look behind the scenes resulted in an impressive experience determined to commit itself to this good cause. Model Maxime Grasman: Model Lizzy van Rijnbeek: "The door is still ajar, but closing the doors is not inconceivable if they do not receive extra income.” Founder Jessica Wohrmann decided to get involved with Blond Model management to raise money. We organized a shoot with a team of models and photographers to create awareness for the problem and the charity itself. With an impressive photo series photographed by Lonneke Notenboom, the agency hopes to raise awareness about marine protection. Anyone who wants to contribute after this story or sees the photos can donate via:

Models: Maxime, Iris, May Britt, Mette, Lizzy, Julliet

Photographer: Lonneke Notenboom

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